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Road Helmets

Huace's road bike helmets are designed by a team of Italian designers, ensuring a combination of lightweight, excellent ventilation and stylish design with a focus on aerodynamics. The road helmets are not only built for performance but also deliver a sense of speed and vitality, thanks to their streamlined design inspired by the principles of biomechanics. The internal EPS core is designed with an integrated skeleton to enhance the overall strength of the helmet, thereby improving its shock-absorbing and protective properties. The result is a helmet that offers maximum protection and comfort, without compromising on style or performance. Trust in Huace's commitment to quality and innovation, and ride with confidence and style.

Road Bike Helmet HC-027Road Bike Helmet HC-027
Road Bike Helmet HC-027
Road Cycling Helmet HC-019Road Cycling Helmet HC-019
Road Cycling Helmet HC-019
Road Bicycle Helmet HC-069Road Bicycle Helmet HC-069
Road Bicycle Helmet HC-069
Road Bike Helmet HC-063Road Bike Helmet HC-063
Road Bike Helmet HC-063
Road Cycling Helmet RS-001Road Cycling Helmet RS-001
Road Cycling Helmet RS-001
Road Bicycle Helmet HE-010Road Bicycle Helmet HE-010
Road Bicycle Helmet HE-010
Road Bike Helmet HE-002Road Bike Helmet HE-002
Road Bike Helmet HE-002
Road Cycling Helmet HC-075Road Cycling Helmet HC-075
Road Cycling Helmet HC-075
Road Bicycle Helmet HC-071Road Bicycle Helmet HC-071
Road Bicycle Helmet HC-071
Road Bike Helmet HC-060Road Bike Helmet HC-060
Road Bike Helmet HC-060
Road Cycling Helmet HC-058 Tour de France HelmetRoad Cycling Helmet HC-058 Tour de France Helmet
Road Cycling Helmet HC-058 Tour de France Helmet
Road Bicycle Helmet HC-057Road Bicycle Helmet HC-057
Road Bicycle Helmet HC-057
Road Bike Helmet HC-056Road Bike Helmet HC-056
Road Bike Helmet HC-056
Road Cycling Helmet HC-053Road Cycling Helmet HC-053
Road Cycling Helmet HC-053
Road Bicycle Helmet HC-052Road Bicycle Helmet HC-052
Road Bicycle Helmet HC-052
Road Bike Helmet HC-051Road Bike Helmet HC-051
Road Bike Helmet HC-051
Road Cycling Helmet HC-050Road Cycling Helmet HC-050
Road Cycling Helmet HC-050
Road Bicycle Helmet HC-039Road Bicycle Helmet HC-039
Road Bicycle Helmet HC-039
Road Bike Helmet HC-033Road Bike Helmet HC-033
Road Bike Helmet HC-033
Road Cycling Helmet HC-032Road Cycling Helmet HC-032
Road Cycling Helmet HC-032
Road Bicycle Helmet HC-030Road Bicycle Helmet HC-030
Road Bicycle Helmet HC-030

Wholesale Bike Helmets

Our bike helmets are all manufactured and made by Huace Sport, from our own bike helmet factory. That's why we can offer you the best price for wholesale bike helmets or bulk orders. Our bike helmets have the safety standards in most European countries and Asian countries. Even though we have a MOQ of our bike helmets, we can offer a sample order for you to consider the overall quality and design. Having been working with many tour de france helmet brands like Ekoi and HJC, we are your trusted partner in terms of bike helmets!

OEM & ODM Bike Helmets for Your Business

At Huacesport, we understand the importance of customization. That's why we offer the option to personalize your road bike helmets to suit your unique preferences. Whether you require OEM or ODM services for your cycling team, or brand, we can fulfill all your requirements. From customizing the outlook design to the inside EPS, we ensure that your road bike helmet is tailored to your specific needs. Our partnership with renowned brands like HJC and Ekoi speaks to our commitment to quality and trust!


Sustainable Bike Helmets Manufacturing

Our road bike helmets go beyond providing superior protection and comfort. We also prioritize sustainability in our manufacturing process. Whether you are a retailer or distributor, or cycling event organizer, our sustainability of helmets definitely give you a boost in your road bike helmets business.