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Huace mountain helmets are the perfect solution for high-intensity mountain sports, such as downhill and climbing, where the terrain is complex and demanding. With a detachable brim design, you can easily switch up your riding scene to meet your requirements. Our helmets are inspired by the latest trends and come in a range of stylish colours and designs, allowing you to cater to the individual preferences of your clients. We understand that everyone has their own unique style, and that's why we offer a wide selection of colours and styles to help you meet the specific needs of your customers. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how our helmets can add value to your business and help you stay ahead of the competition.

Mountain Bike Helmet HC-072Mountain Bike Helmet HC-072
Mountain Bike Helmet HC-072
Road Bike Helmet HC-027Road Bike Helmet HC-027
Road Bike Helmet HC-027
Road Cycling Helmet HC-019Road Cycling Helmet HC-019
Road Cycling Helmet HC-019
MTB Helmet HC-043MTB Helmet HC-043
MTB Helmet HC-043
Road Bicycle Helmet HC-069Road Bicycle Helmet HC-069
Road Bicycle Helmet HC-069
Full Face MTB Helmet TANK-100Full Face MTB Helmet TANK-100
Full Face MTB Helmet TANK-100
Mountain Bike Helmet HE-009Mountain Bike Helmet HE-009
Mountain Bike Helmet HE-009
MTB Helmet HE-008MTB Helmet HE-008
MTB Helmet HE-008
Mountain Bike Helmet HC-067Mountain Bike Helmet HC-067
Mountain Bike Helmet HC-067
Mountain Bike Helmet HC-065Mountain Bike Helmet HC-065
Mountain Bike Helmet HC-065
MTB Helmet HC-055MTB Helmet HC-055
MTB Helmet HC-055
MTB Helmet HC-035MTB Helmet HC-035
MTB Helmet HC-035
Mountain Bike Helmet HC-029Mountain Bike Helmet HC-029
Mountain Bike Helmet HC-029
MTB Helmet HC-026MTB Helmet HC-026
MTB Helmet HC-026
MTB Helmet HC-022MTB Helmet HC-022
MTB Helmet HC-022
Mountain Bike Helmet HC-015Mountain Bike Helmet HC-015
Mountain Bike Helmet HC-015

All-Terrain Protection

Introducing our MTB helmets - with the detachable brim design, you can effortlessly adapt to any riding scenario and make your experience more personalized. But that's not all, at Huace, we have a comprehensive range of MTB helmets that include full-face helmets too! Our helmets come in multiple styles and diverse appearances, catering to all your customer needs. Be rest assured, we've got you covered with helmets that not only provide superior protection but also bring comfort and style to your ride.


Your Customer Demand Is Our Priority

At Huace, we utilize big data and other innovative techniques to thoroughly understand the markets' needs for both appearance and functionality. This enables us to offer top-notch products that deliver on consumer demands.


For instance, we have noticed a growing trend in the market for functional lights on helmets. As a result, our R&D team has been working tirelessly to develop solutions that respond to our customers' earliest convenience.


Also, we have a team of experienced designers across our Italy and Korea locations, which ensures that our MTB helmets are stylish, customizable, and impeccable.


Advanced Technology and Safety

The crux of HuaceSports' mountain bike helmets lies in the advanced technology they incorporate. With the PC In-mold technology, the helmets' outer shells offer superior UV resistance and excellent color maintenance ability. Enhanced safety technologies are supported, like LED light function, MIPS and KOROYD techs offer an added layer of protection, catering to the safety-conscious clientele of wholesale businesses. This commitment to safety through technology can give businesses an edge in the competitive world of mountain biking equipment.