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Ski helmets

At Huace, we pride ourselves on our innovative Korean design team. Our team has developed a range of ski helmets that are both lightweight and incredibly strong. We understand that protecting your head on the slopes is crucial, which is why we have applied a high-strength ABS, PC anti-collision outer shell to our helmets to ensure maximum safety. The helmets' classic black and white designs are simple yet trendy, captivating the attention of the market. The interior lining and ear covers are made of soft and warm velvet, and the magnetic buckle design allows for easy fastening and unfastening with one hand. To ensure a better fit and warmth, multiple layers of cotton fiber surround the head locks. At Huace, we believe in delivering the best ski helmets to our clients, down to the finest details. Contact us to learn more about our helmets.

Ski Helmet SH-01Ski Helmet SH-01
Ski Helmet SH-01
Ski Helmet SH-02Ski Helmet SH-02
Ski Helmet SH-02
Ski Helmet SH-03Ski Helmet SH-03
Ski Helmet SH-03

Key Features of Our Ski Helmets

At HuaceSports, we believe in marrying safety with style. Our helmets, certified by leading safety standards such as CE, AS/NZS, CPSC, GB, KC, and SG, are crafted using PC In-mold technology, ensuring optimal head protection. Comfort is key: our helmets feature an adjustable fit system, including an optional BOA fit system. With numorous airflow vents, they ensure excellent ventilation and warmth. Our helmets are fitted with either a US ITW buckle or a FIDLOCK magnetic buckle, and come with a removable and anti-bacterial lining.




Sustainable Ski Helmets

At HuaceSports, we believe that protection, comfort, and personal style are the trinity of an exceptional skiing experience. Yet, we understand that our commitments must also extend beyond individual benefits, and must embrace larger, global concerns. Hence, we have devoted considerable effort and resources to incorporate sustainability into our product range, striking a harmonious balance between delivering superior quality and preserving the environment.


International Design Team

Our dedication to crafting high-quality ski helmets is unwavering, and our secret weapon lies in the diversity and expertise of our international design team.


Originating from Korea, Japan, and Italy, our design maestros bring a unique blend of global insights and decades of industry experience to the drawing board. Their skill set doesn't merely ensure a robust, reliable helmet — it guarantees a product steeped in style and saety, as diverse and vibrant as the slopes you're eager to conquer.