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Revamped and Ready: Classified Unveils Upgraded R36 and R50 Wheelsets for Gravel Domination


Classified rolls out the latest edition of its carbon road wheels – the R36 and R50 – designed exclusively for the Powershift hub drivetrain system.


The R36 takes a leap forward with a 1mm increase in depth from its predecessor, the R35. Yet, the real game-changers lie within.


Internally, the rim now boasts a width of 22.5mm, up from 19mm, while the outer width broadens to 28.5mm from 27mm. Classified responds to the trend of wider tyres, shifting from a recommended 700x32c to an accommodating 700x42c rubber.


Embracing a hooked design, the rims cater to both tubeless and clincher tyres, each arriving with pre-fitted tubeless tape.


In a not-so-surprising move, the R36 and R50 wheelsets are hitched exclusively to the 142mm Powershift hub system. The revamped wheels sport 22 Pillar Wing straight-pull spokes, replacing the DT Swiss Aerolite spokes.

Front wheel design remains standard, housing stainless steel bearings since the Powershift hub system resides in the rear wheel.


Despite the wider, deeper rim, the R36 maintains a weight of approximately 1,315g, and the R50 hovers at 1,415g – on par with their predecessors. These figures exclude the Powershift hub, which tacks on an additional 475g to the rear wheel, along with the wireless shifting gear on the bike.


Pricing and availability? The upgraded wheelsets hit the shelves today and take the spotlight at the Velofollies consumer bike show in Kortrijk, Belgium. Classified hints at their prowess not just on the road but in the fast lanes of gravel racing. Stay tuned for more on this gravel adventure!

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