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Unveiling the Trek Wahoo Path: Connecting the Dots to Adult Biking


Trek's latest, the Wahoo Path kids' bike, isn't just a ride – it's a bridge to the world of adult biking. Crafted with premium hybrid features and adult-grade components, this bike is set to redefine your child's cycling journey.


Designed with a lighter frame and Microshift 1x8-speed drivetrain, the Wahoo Path is a step beyond its predecessor, the Wahoo Trail. Suitable for ages 6 to 13 and beyond, its Alpha Silver Aluminium frame keeps it lightweight and manageable for young riders.


Distinguished by a dropped top tube and a connecting strut, the Wahoo Path opts for an alloy fork and V-brakes, deviating from the carbon fork and disc brakes of the Wahoo Trail. The Microshift Acolyte SL-M6285 trigger shifters paired with an 8-speed 1x drivetrain ensure a smooth and reliable ride.


Not just functional, this bike comes with a kickstand and the option to fit mudguards. Trek recommends a maximum tire size of 2.2in with mudguards or 2.4in without, emphasizing versatility.


Available in three sizes – 20, 24, and 26 inches – the Wahoo Path caters to children's varying heights. From 114 to 132cm for the 20-inch, 130 to 150cm for the 24-inch, and 142 to 157cm for the 26-inch, finding the right fit has never been easier.


With three color options for each size, the Wahoo Path offers both style and substance. Get ready for an exciting ride with Trek's Wahoo Path – where young adventurers meet the road!

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