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2024 Tour Down Under Unveils POC's Stealthy Aero Helmet


The 2024 Tour Down Under has just given us a sneak peek at POC's latest innovation – an unreleased aero road helmet spotted on the head of EF Education–EasyPost’s Harry Sweeny.


This helmet boasts an unconventional design, resembling a sleeker version of POC's Procen TT helmet. Noteworthy is the coverage of the rider's ears, a feature reminiscent of the teased Kask aero road helmet seen on Filippo Ganna’s Instagram.


The new lid seems like a road-friendly adaptation of POC's Procen TT, with a shorter tail and partial ear coverage. While the truncated tail might sacrifice some aerodynamics, it offers the advantage of increased head movement without dragging down speed.


Weight reduction appears to be a focal point, crucial for WorldTour racers, and the partial ear coverage strikes a balance between aerodynamics and ventilation. This compromise might provide better airflow than a full time trial helmet while still outperforming POC’s previous aero road helmets in terms of aerodynamics.


The helmet mirrors the trio of ventilation holes on the front, reminiscent of the Procen TT, while the upper shell seems fully enclosed. This design, paired with a likely exhaust port at the back, suggests a focus on aerodynamic efficiency and effective cooling through a venturi effect.


However, it seems Sweeny found the helmet a bit too toasty for the Australian summer road race. He switched to the POC Ventral Lite for the stage, showcasing the fine line between aerodynamics and comfort.


A hint of nostalgia surfaces with the reintroduction of an integrated visor, indicated by magnets under the helmet's front edge. A closer look reveals a neatly stowed visor at the back – a feature reminiscent of the Procen TT.


Details about POC's new aero road helmet remain scant, with the company keeping mum about specifics. The only assurance is that a full launch is imminent. POC, known for unconventional designs like the Tempor time trial helmet, continues to push boundaries. Whether this new aero road marvel will be as polarizing as its predecessors remains to be seen. Time will unveil the verdict on its speed and impact.

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