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Smart Helmets

With our world getting smarter and more connected, we also need to ride smarter. HuaceSports is at the forefront of combining human and artificial intelligence, committed to providing the most advanced and beneficial cycling gear on the market. Our R&D team developed new range of smart helmets, which cater to a wide spectrum of riders, from children to urban commuters and road cyclists to electric vehicle users. Our smart helmets are designed to seamlessly integrate with your lifestyle, unlocking an impressive array of smart functions, such as GPS positioning, nighttime warning lights, personalized flashing lights, SOS alarms, and more. Experience the future of cycling with HuaceSports' smart helmets, where technology meets safety, comfort, style, and sustainability in perfect harmony.

Road Cycling Helmet HC-075Road Cycling Helmet HC-075
Road Cycling Helmet HC-075
MTB Helmet HE-008MTB Helmet HE-008
MTB Helmet HE-008
MTB Helmet HC-026MTB Helmet HC-026
MTB Helmet HC-026
Kids Road Cycling Helmet HC-046Kids Road Cycling Helmet HC-046
Kids Road Cycling Helmet HC-046
Urban Bicycle Helmet HC-007 Road HelmetUrban Bicycle Helmet HC-007 Road Helmet
Urban Bicycle Helmet HC-007 Road Helmet
Urban Bicycle Helmet MS-001 Road HelmetUrban Bicycle Helmet MS-001 Road Helmet
Urban Bicycle Helmet MS-001 Road Helmet

Revolutionize Cycling Safety and Comfort

With the cutting-edge technology embedded in our helmets, riders can connect the helmet's built-in intelligent configuration to HuaceSports APP via Bluetooth 5.0. This opens up an array of practical and safety features via smart voice interaction and the app connection. You customers have the opportunity to enjoy smart voice calling, voice communication, rider status identification, outdoor cycling activity records, cycling intercom, voice navigation, fall detection, GPS positioning, nighttime warning light, personalized flashing light, SOS alarm, and overspeeding reminders, among other functions. So elevate your brand with our smart helmets collection for the ultimate safety and comfort!


Offer Custom Service for Unique Riders

At HuaceSports, we provide OEM&ODM customization options for our helmets. Moreover, our smart kits add another layer of customization as they can be tailored to each rider's preferences. The intelligent voice call, voice communication, rider status recognition, outdoor cycling activity record, bicycle walkie-talkie, voice navigation, fall detection, GPS positioning, night warning light, personalized flash, SOS alarm and speeding reminder are just a few of the many functions that can be freely matched according to the customer's specific needs. With HuaceSports, your customers can have a more personalized, advanced and enjoyable cycling experience.

Empower Your Brand with Advanced Technology

Here at HuaceSports, in addition to the traditional helmet integrate in-mold PC technology, UV-resistant outer shells, and advanced safety technologies like MIPS and Koroyd. Now, we’re pairing human and artificial intelligence together, creating the most advanced, beneficial, and scalable business and smart protective products. With the addition of our smart kit, customers have access to a range of functions like voice commands, GPS tracking, SOS alerts, and many more, all designed to improve the safety and riding experience of riders everywhere. Add our technologically advanced smart helmets to your retail collection and let your customers embrace innovation on the go. Discover the future of cycling with our high-tech smart helmets now!