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Inflabi wants you to back its inflatable helmet on Indiegogo


Get ready to revolutionize your cycling safety game with Inflabi's inflatable helmet, currently making waves on Indiegogo. The brainchild of Maximillian Klyk and Jonas Engelhardt, this ingenious helmet started as a solution to a common cyclist woe – the hassle of lugging around a helmet when not in use.


Klyk and Engelhardt, both with backgrounds in industrial design, hatched the idea in 2020 while pondering why many commuters ditch their helmets for short rides. The answer was simple: traditional helmets are a pain to store when you're hopping between shops or grabbing a bite. And that's where Inflabi swoops in with its game-changing packable design.


The beauty lies in its simplicity – seam-welded fabric construction that shrinks by a whopping 80% when deflated. Perfect for everyday riders, it eliminates the storage struggle and the discomfort commonly faced by those who prioritize safety in their sporty endeavors.


Inflabi is more than just a convenience-packed accessory; it promises up to four times the safety of European testing standards (EN1078). The secret sauce? Inflated air chambers that absorb direct impacts, shielding you from rotational impacts and potential brain injuries. No need for complicated safety add-ons – it's a straightforward solution.


Unlike traditional foam helmets that can become compromised after a crash, Inflabi stands tall. If properly inflated to 2 bar (approximately 30psi) and still airtight, it's ready for round two, offering sustainability along with safety.


The Indiegogo campaign is your chance to be part of this safety revolution. Inflabi aims to raise a modest $10,000 to bring this commuter-friendly helmet to the market. And they're confident they'll hit the mark. Backers of the campaign will enjoy exclusive rewards and the honor of being among the first to sport an Inflabi helmet.


While the helmet is still in the prototype phase, it has undergone significant upgrades since its Eurobike debut. The new version flaunts a fabric exterior for a sleeker look and a refined Schrader valve for seamless inflation and deflation. Priced at an expected €159, the helmet is yet to receive official safety certification, but fear not – Inflabi is diligently optimizing those air cushions for top-notch safety and anticipates certification by April.

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