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Glimpse the Future: Filippo Ganna Drops Sneak Peek of Unreleased Kask Aero Helmet


In a recent Instagram post from an Ineos Grenadiers training camp, Filippo Ganna caught our attention not just with the team's new gear but with a mysterious Kask aero helmet.


While the focus was on Ineos Grenadiers' fresh Gobik kit and the slick Pinarello Dogma F paintjob, it's Ganna's headgear stealing the spotlight.


The unreleased helmet he's sporting seems like a blend of the discontinued Utopia road model and the current Bambino time trial design. The front vents resemble the Utopia Y’s pattern but are smaller and spaced differently. The overall shape, sans side vents, aligns more with the Bambino Pro.


Ganna's helmet lacks a visor but features a more pronounced bobtail shape, less extreme than the Bambino. This design offers enhanced ventilation, with three smaller vents at the back.


While we can't peek at the fastening system, we suspect it's Kask's updated Octofit, which improved the Utopia Y's fit. Notably, a 'WG11' sticker at the back reveals Kask's in-house rotational impact safety testing standard.


The question arises: Is this innovation too much for everyday riders? Unlike pros chasing every fraction of a second, recreational cyclists might not fancy the ear covers for mere aerodynamic gains.


Remember the ridicule aimed at World Tour teams for their oversized time-trial helmets? Will regular riders embrace the new Kask Utopia (if that's what it is) despite the distinctive ear flaps?


Social media chatter also questions ventilation. With fewer, smaller vents compared to the Utopia Y, will this helmet be too warm for long, hot rides? Some riders may find covering the ears less comfortable, but we're eager to test this new road bike helmet ourselves. Stay tuned for more updates!

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