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Urban Helmets

Huace specially developed helmets for commuters feature sleek and round-hat shaped streamlined designs, moreover, with fewer vents than ordinary helmets, these helmets boast greater overall strength. Huace's Urban bike helmets are perfectly suited to the needs of modern younger riders. We take conscious efforts to pursue the balance between multiple stylish designs and functions. Trust in Huace’s commitment to safety, comfort, and style, let our helmets accompany your customers during daily commuting.

Urban Bike Helmet HC-073 Road HelmetUrban Bike Helmet HC-073 Road Helmet
Urban Bike Helmet HC-073 Road Helmet
Urban Bicycle Helmet HC-036 Road HelmetUrban Bicycle Helmet HC-036 Road Helmet
Urban Bicycle Helmet HC-036 Road Helmet
Urban Bicycle Helmet HC-007 Road HelmetUrban Bicycle Helmet HC-007 Road Helmet
Urban Bicycle Helmet HC-007 Road Helmet
Urban Bicycle Helmet MS-001 Road HelmetUrban Bicycle Helmet MS-001 Road Helmet
Urban Bicycle Helmet MS-001 Road Helmet

The Safest Options for City Adventures

When choosing for urban helmet collection for your brand, it's important to find one that fits properly and meets safety standards. The in-mold technology used in our Urban Helmet merges the helmet's outer shell with the inner EPS liner during the manufacturing process and we've got the assurance of product certifications like CE, CPSC and more. Each material choice from the outer shell to the inner lining, plays a crucial role in providing optimal protection. By adhering to rigorous safety standards, helmets offer the safest options for city adventures, giving you peace of mind as you explore urban environments. Prioritize your customers' safety without compromising on style with our Urban Helmets!


Ultimate Solution for Maximum Comfort

At HuaceSports, we offer a variety of urban helmet types that are designed to offer maximum comfort. The choice of materials for the helmet's inner lining is crucial, so our team provides options such as polyester, silicone, and cooling fabrics like ice silk provide an array of choices to enhance utmost comfort. And comfort is further enhanced through features like adjustable straps, headlock adjusters and careful consideration of the helmet's weight. We strive to strike a scientific balance between lightweight design and maximum safety, ensuring a truly comfortable experience for your customers. Upgrade your brand with HuaceSports urban helmet collection today and bring the difference for your customers!




Infuse Style Into Your Urban Helmet Line

Are you looking for a helmet that offers both style and safety for your city adventures? Have a look at  HuaceSports! We specialize in top-of-the-line helmets that prioritize both comfort and protection while still being stylish and trendy. Engineered with a blend of safety and trend-conscious designs, our urban helmets place a premium on style, making it perfect for young modern city cyclists using bicycles and e-bikes. Make a stylish statement for the cycling and e-bike groups in the urban world with Huacesport's Urban Helmets now!