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Time Trial Helmets

Huace's time trial helmets, designed by a team of Korean designers, are the perfect combination of safety and performance for triathlon athletes. With a focus on functionality and aerodynamics, these helmets are engineered to reduce wind resistance, enabling riders to achieve their ultimate speed potential. The helmets have been designed to meet the highest safety standards while incorporating the latest aerodynamic principles, making them ideal for triathlons and other time-based events.

What sets Huace's triathlon helmets apart is their innovative design and performance-enhancing features, which have been showcased in numerous high-profile events, including the Tour de France. 

Time Trail Helmet HE-001 Triathlon HelmetsTime Trail Helmet HE-001 Triathlon Helmets
Time Trail Helmet HE-001 Triathlon Helmets

Streamlined Performance

In the realm of competitive cycling, the need for a specialized time trial helmet becomes paramount. HuaceSports presents helmets that are masterpieces of functionality and aerodynamics. The engineering behind these helmets minimizes wind resistance, acting as a catalyst to your speed and performance. Korean designers meticulously sculpted the design to cater to the rigorous standards of safety while incorporating the essence of advanced aerodynamic principles. 


Advanced Technology and Comfort

HuaceSports time trial helmets are a paragon of technological advancements and comfort. Equipped with an adjustable fit system, these helmets cater to a personalized fit while maintaining a balance of comfort and security. The lining, featuring hot-press technology, offers sweat absorption and flash drying capabilities. The material of our linings is another aspect we take great pride in. Combining polyester, silicone, cooling yarn, and an array of innovative materials, we effectively enhance the overall comfort during rides. This thoughtful integration of materials and techniques results in a helmet lining that provides an unparalleled comfort experience while cycling. 



Customizable Aesthetics and Sustainability

HuaceSports does not compromise on aesthetics and sustainability while crafting these premium time trial helmets. You can personalize your helmets for your brand or customers, reflecting their unique riding style. A removable goggle with the option of a polarizing lens adds a touch of individuality while enhancing vision during rides. Conscious of our environment, HuaceSports incorporates eco-friendly elements such as water-based paint, color boxes, and helmet straps. This commitment to sustainability ensures a product that not only enhances your customers' ride but also respects the planet.