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Huace Makes a Triumphant Return to the China Cycle Show


On May 5th, Huace, the esteemed manufacturer and tour de france helmet brand parterner renowned for its superior helmets, has made a triumphant reappearance at the China Cycle Show following a four-year absence. With the Huace team diligently committed to their craft during the exhibition, the unwavering dedication reflects a resolute pursuit of our vision to emerge as a preeminent global leader in the realm of cycling helmets.

The China International Bicycle Fair took place at the prestigious Shanghai New International Expo Center from 5th to 8th May this year. The event was a remarkable gathering, attracting over 1200 exhibitors from more than 20 countries and areas, who converged to showcase their cutting-edge bicycle technology and stylish products. With a staggering total exhibition area of 135,000 square meters, this fair offered a truly immersive and comprehensive experience for cycling enthusiasts, industry professionals, and curious visitors alike. Among the exhibitors was Huace, who proudly presented our new range of bike helmets. Our participation contributed to the diverse selection of innovative products and solutions on display at the event, further enhancing the excitement and value for attendees.


China Cycle Show-Huace Sports

It may come as a surprise to some, but 22% of the helmets worn by teams in the prestigious Tour de France are actually manufactured from Huace in the past three years. With expertise and commitment to quality, Huace has collaborated with several renowned Tour de France helmet brands, including HJC, Ekoi, and many others. Their contribution to the production of these helmets highlights their position as a trusted partner in the cycling industry, ensuring the safety and performance of professional cyclists in one of the world's most iconic races.



With a steadfast commitment to unmatched quality and innovation, Huace is dedicated to conducting cutting-edge research and development to create high-quality products for our valued clients. For us, meeting and exceeding our clients' expectations is the backbone of Huace's original mission and continuing drive to succeed.


We have specialized in helmet industry for 10 years, offering a wide range of helmets designed to meet the diversity of your riding scene. Our collection we exhibit includes road bike helmets, MTB helmets, time trial helmets, urban bike helmets, and kids' helmets.


China Cycle Show-Huace Sports

Furthermore, we are delighted to share the news that, alongside our trusted helmet range, Huace has expanded its product line to include cycling jerseys and goggles. This exciting development offers cyclists even more options to enhance their riding experience. We invite you to visit our booth at the China Cycle Show to explore these new categories and discover how they can elevate your cycling journey to new heights.


During the exhibition, we were thrilled to welcome many of our long-standing clients to our booth, as well as engage with new visitors. The positive feedback we received from both our loyal clientele and those new to our offerings was truly gratifying. We were particularly delighted to receive praise for the quality of our exhibition products, showcasing the innovative drive of our research and development team. Such encouraging feedback serves as a testament to the effectiveness of our efforts and validates our unwavering commitment to achieving excellence in all that we do.


China Cycle Show-Huace Sports


We are also excited to announce our participation at the upcoming EUROBIKE Show in Germany this June! Can't wait to reconnect with you and showcase our latest offerings. Make sure to mark your calendars and come visit us at the event. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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