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Team Sky and Kask launch new aero helmet at Tour Down Under


Revolutionizing the aero game, Kask has unleashed its latest brain bucket, the Utopia, in collaboration with Team Sky during the kick-off Down Under. This sleek addition to the helmet lineup is touted as Kask's most aerodynamic noggin nest yet.

The Italians took the Utopia to the wind tunnel, pitting it against ten top-notch aero helmets in the market. Their claim? The Utopia can slice through the air, saving the rider a sweet 6 watts at a speedy 50 km/h compared to its closest rival.

But, it's not all about speed. Kask assures us they haven't sacrificed ventilation. The Utopia flaunts six vents up front and three at the rear, making it a year-round companion in any climate. And it's not just hot air – the Resistex Carbon padding zaps moisture away, boasting antimicrobial and antistatic vibes.

Looks-wise, the Utopia straddles the line between a Specialized S-Works Evade and a Giro Vanquish. Two slender vents at the front pay homage to the Vanquish, while the side profile nods to the aero helmet clan.

Team Sky's speedsters rocked the Utopia at the People’s Choice Classic, with Chris Lawless snagging sixth place in a helmet-clad bunch sprint. Carsten Jeppesen, Team Sky's Head of Technical Operations, spilled the beans, emphasizing the Utopia's role in balancing aerodynamics, safety, comfort, breathability, and style.

Kask's Brand Manager, Ylenia Battistello, chimed in, expressing excitement about pushing boundaries with the Utopia. She gave a nod to their talented athletes and top-notch facilities, ensuring the helmet is a pinnacle of design perfection.

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